New compilation coming soon!

We are releasing a new compilation on Oct, 30 featuring many cool bands because we can’t see each other in Florida this year 🙁

All songs are exclusive and previously unreleased.

The line-up:
01. Andrew Paley – We Are Nothing (Beach Slang)
02. Typesetter – Some Friends (Kali Masi)
03. Days N Daze – Caroline (Andrew Paley)
04. Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves – Jack Of All Trades (Hot Water Music)
05. Catbite – Good Riddance To Good Advice (Kill Lincoln)
06. Mikey Erg – Carly Simon (Kepi Ghoulie)
07. Debt Neglector – Ballad Of Bloody Run (Strike Anywhere)
08. Expert Timing – The Recluse (Cursive)
09. Guilhem – Epingle (Signals Midwest)
10. Billy Liar – 16 Candles (Little Teeth)
11. Answering Machine – Hit & Run (Dog Party)
12. Woolbright – Real Date (Insignificant Other)
13. Little Teeth – Pills (Billy Liar)
14. Movin In Stereo – Still Be Around (Red City Radio)
15. Catholic Guilt – Broadcasting (Comeback Kid)
16. Reconciler – Go Fund Yourself (Debt Neglector)
17. The Eradicator – 302 (The Lippies)
18. Late Bloomer – Start Today (Gorilla Biscuits)
19. Lost In Society – Books About Miles Davis (The Ergs)
20. Sunliner – Bleed (The Flatliners)
21. DFMK – Audio Illusions (Radon)
22. Tim Holehouse – Settling (Typesetter)

New band on Funk Turry Funk: She Danced Slowly

Our first release in 2019! She Danced Slowly from Bremen, Germany will release an EP on Funk Turry Funk this Summer. Despite being super young and a band for less than 2 years, they already played with bands like Nervus, Ducking Punches, Nothington, Kamikaze Girls and more. Stay tuned for more infos soon!

Not On Tour: Bad Habits & All This Time Re-Releases

Both records are available again from Funk Turry Funk!

Order Bad Habits now: LINK
Order All This Time now: LINK
Bundle package from Merchcowboy: LINK

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