Pre-Orders for The Bombpops and Get Dead CDs started!

We just started the pre-order for the s/t record by Get Dead and the „Throw It Back“ CD of The Bombpops. You can order both records directly from SBÄM.

Get Dead: SBÄM Shop
The Bombpops: SBÄM Shop

Deutschpunk Schlachtrufe coming February,2!

We want to share our love for political Punkrock with you and going to release a Deutschpunk Cover Sampler with bands like Überyou, Radio Havanna, Marathonmann, The Prosecution, Hell & Back, The Deadnotes, and many more soon on Funk Turry Funk. Artwork by Sascha Jörres.

Release date is 2/2/2018.

01. The Deadnotes – Dann Ohne Mich (Donots)
02. Hell & Back – Liebeslied (Die Toten Hosen)
03. Marathonmann – Die Gesellschaft ist schuld, dass ich so bin (Terrorgruppe)
04. Team Stereo – Niemand beißt die Hand, die einen füttert (But Alive)
05. Spit Pink – Erschießen (Ideal)
06. Radio Havanna – Abend in der Stadt (Aufbruch)
07. Überyou – Radikal (Dödelhaie)
08. Kochkraft durch KMA – Revolution Action (Atari Teenage Riot)
09. Lester – Ich liebe dich für immer (Casanovas Schwule Seite)
10. The Prosecution – Schweineherbst (Slime)
11. Minipax – Antifa (Die Junge Union)
12. Great Escapes – Welche Krise? (Farin Urlaub Racing Team)
13. Kitty In A Casket – Stillstand (Betontod)
14. Primetime Failure – Seid betroffen (Public Toys)
15. The Dimensions – Fahnensong (Razzia)
16. Skin of Tears – Alptraum (Slime)
17. As We Go – Alles was ich brauch (Muff Potter)
18. Dashcoigne – Edwin Van der Sar (Dackelblut)
19. Start A Fire – Schwarz Rot Braun (Toxoplasma)
20. Grillmaster Flash – Punkt 9 (Muff Potter)
21. Krawehl – 45 Jahre (Chaos Z)

Pre-Order now! LINK

Not On Tour: New compilation release on Funk Turry Funk!

We release a new best-of-compilation by the amazing Not On Tour from Israel. It is an exclusive edition for SBÄM Fest with amazing artwork by SBÄM. Limited to 199 copies. Pre-orders are up now!

Pre-order now: LINK

1. Not On Tour
2. Don’t touch my stuff
3. Fine
4. Did you get enough
5. Oded
6. All this time
7. Flip
8. Different kind of weather

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