SBÄM Records & Funk Turry Funk Release Charity Comp ft. Bracket, Love Equals Death, & More

SBÄM Records and Funk Turry Funk have announced that they will be releasing a benefit compilation on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2020. All proceeds will be donated to “Kältehilfe,” a German-based organization which offers support to the homeless during the winter months.

The new release features Bracket, Consumed, Love Equals Death, Andrew Paley, Belvedere, Counterpunch, Typesetter, DFL, The Static Age, Ducking Punches, and more!

Stream a select few tracks below and keep checking back for more from SBÄM Records and Funk Turry Funk!


New compilation coming soon!

We are releasing a new compilation on Oct, 30 featuring many cool bands because we can’t see each other in Florida this year 🙁

All songs are exclusive and previously unreleased.

The line-up:
01. Andrew Paley – We Are Nothing (Beach Slang)
02. Typesetter – Some Friends (Kali Masi)
03. Days N Daze – Caroline (Andrew Paley)
04. Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves – Jack Of All Trades (Hot Water Music)
05. Catbite – Good Riddance To Good Advice (Kill Lincoln)
06. Mikey Erg – Carly Simon (Kepi Ghoulie)
07. Debt Neglector – Ballad Of Bloody Run (Strike Anywhere)
08. Expert Timing – The Recluse (Cursive)
09. Guilhem – Epingle (Signals Midwest)
10. Billy Liar – 16 Candles (Little Teeth)
11. Answering Machine – Hit & Run (Dog Party)
12. Woolbright – Real Date (Insignificant Other)
13. Little Teeth – Pills (Billy Liar)
14. Movin In Stereo – Still Be Around (Red City Radio)
15. Catholic Guilt – Broadcasting (Comeback Kid)
16. Reconciler – Go Fund Yourself (Debt Neglector)
17. The Eradicator – 302 (The Lippies)
18. Late Bloomer – Start Today (Gorilla Biscuits)
19. Lost In Society – Books About Miles Davis (The Ergs)
20. Sunliner – Bleed (The Flatliners)
21. DFMK – Audio Illusions (Radon)
22. Tim Holehouse – Settling (Typesetter)

New band on Funk Turry Funk: She Danced Slowly

Our first release in 2019! She Danced Slowly from Bremen, Germany will release an EP on Funk Turry Funk this Summer. Despite being super young and a band for less than 2 years, they already played with bands like Nervus, Ducking Punches, Nothington, Kamikaze Girls and more. Stay tuned for more infos soon!

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